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Jamieson of Hamilton have been recycling non-ferrous and ferrous metals for nearly 50 years from our metal recycling and metal processing plant in Hamilton, South Lanarkshire, Scotland, ML3. We constantly upgrade all our plant and equipment which enables us to successfully convert your scrap metal into an extensive range of valuable, high quality, secondary raw materials for use in the manufacture of new products around the world.

Scrap Metal Prices
We offer highly competitive scrap metal prices which are linked to The London Metal Exchange. This guarantees you receive a true valuation of the metals you supply, turning your waste into money. We are able to quote both spot prices and contract prices.

As a financially secure company we offer prompt payment on receipt or collection of all materials. Please click here for further information regarding payments.

Delivery or Collection
You can deliver your scrap metal to our Hamilton site which provides easy access for most sized vehicles. If you have large quantities of surplus scrap metal collection can be arranged - a charge for this service may apply.

Recycled Metal
Recycled materials produce high quality metals while at the same time reduces the need to mine the earth's natural resources, saves energy and reduces air pollution. The UK's metal recycling industry is essential to the UK's obligations under European directives for recycling products. Metal can be recycled time and time again to produce metal which is just as good as metal produced from virgin raw materials.

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